What Is The Buzz Surrounding Nhale Inc (OTCMKTS:NHLE)?

Since last few trading sessions, the stock of Nhale Inc (OTCMKTS:NHLE) has been continuously making a buzz. The company last issued a press release in year 2014, wherein it reported that it is expanding its acquisition initiatives toward the swelling medicinal marijuana segment following the finalization of a term sheet for $10 million in way of debt financing with Four Twenty Investments, Inc.

The buzz

The medical marijuana sector has seen a surge in industry revenue, largely due to favorable legislation toward distributing and growing cannabis for medicinal purposes. Furthermore, customer trends in favor of legalizing the use of alternative medicinal treatments have supported the demand for these offerings. As per ArcView, the market of medical cannabis in the U.S. is anticipated to surpass $10 billion by 2018.

Lance Williams, the CEO and President of Nhale, expressed that as a highly regulated market where licenses are continually on the line, brands must set strong protocols and skills. The company is poised to use its talent, leadership and resources to become a major mover in the market. With a growth percentage of 38% since 2011, the medicinal marijuana market provides enormous opportunities for their highly experienced team to effectively collaborate with the segment’s most robust start-ups.

Four Twenty focus remains on the strategic and financing investments of medicinal marijuana and similar firms involved in the cannabis market. Nhale will use the proceeds of the financing to close its intended acquisitions of revenue recording recreational and medical marijuana operations in U.S. states where it has been decriminalized.

Nhaleâ„¢ marks as a U.S. firm actively pursuing acquisition prospects in the fast expanding marijuana industry. It acquires firms with proven business models set to make a notable impact within the recreational and medical cannabis market. The company brings operating talent, leadership and tools to emerging firms in the space, supporting industry awareness and advancing economically sustainable partnerships while enhancing shareholder value.