Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM) Provides an Update of Current Marketing Activities

Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM), has issued an update of its current marketing activities.

The company has announced that it is in discussions with an international consulting firm based in Huntington Beach, to explore placement of Vitastem in Infomercials, a countrywide pharmacy chain which has 9600 stores domestically, as well as foreign placements throughout Dubai and the Middle-East.

Additionally, talks are also in progress with representatives from a countrywide pharmaceutical distributor over the distribution of Vitastem through their affiliated hospital and pharmacies throughout the United States, in addition to distribution in the veterinary market though the association with veterinary suppliers throughout the country.

The company is currently waiting for an official proposal from CMD Innovations, LLC, to make use of Vitastem in their wound and injury healing protocol. CMD Innovations is engaged in offering effective medical solutions for healthcare facilities including V.A. Hospitals.

The company is having negotiations with a large, regional medical supply sales force to help in distribution of product in pharmacies throughout the Southern part of the United States.

Additionally, Vitastem is currently going through an approval process by a number of government regulatory agencies in the Philippines and Nigeria. If approved, Vitastem will be distributed to these countries’ hospitals as well as the Philippines prison system.

The company has initiated the process of seeking approval of Vitastem by Medicare and other insurance companies’ reimbursement.

The technology used by ViaDerma is currently being used in Elixr Cannabis products; Topical Serum, Topical Balmand Topical Spray. Sales for the same have already started in Canada.

Recently the company was a sponsor at “SB52 Big Game Event” which was held during Superbowl weekend in Minneapolis. The event was organized by The Brewer Group. The Brewer Group is a media, marketing and consulting company founded by former NFL player, Jack Brewer.

In a statement, ViaDerma president Dr. Christopher Otiko said they are very pleased and excited with steps and directions that the company has taken in regards to its major product lines as well as distribution networks. He added that the company is committed to having a strong distribution network so as to make the products readily available to users.