Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Tells Users To Change Passwords After Bug Found

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has advised its users to change their passwords after the company discovered bugs in its system. The bug displayed passwords in plain text from the backend.

The company has announced that it has since removed the non-encrypted passwords from system. It has assured users that it is working to ensure the situation is fixed and to prevent a similar incidence from occurring again.

The social media company that assured its users that their information was not accessed by anyone and that the information did not leave its systems. This is after the company conducted an internal investigation. The investigation showed no signs of breach or misuser by intruders.

However, the company advised its users to change their as well as any service attached to the password.

There is a rampant increase in privacy scares in the recent days. According to Phil Libin, a startup founder and venture capitalist, Twitter’s case is shocking and disturbing because it raises questions as to why it should stores users’ passwords in plain text, even if the passwords are stored in internal files.

Through a Twitter update, Libin said this is case is more than just a breach into the privacy of users. It is more than that. He added that the bug is a clear manifestation of the worst kind of negligence. Libin said that this could be a pre-arranged mistake as there is no reason to justify why passwords could be stored in plain text.

Parag Agrawal, the chief technology officer of Twitter said that the company didn’t have to disclose the bug but saw it worthy to share the information with its users. He said the company took the step so as to allow its user’s make decisions on how best to improve security of their accounts.

However, Agrawal’s comment was critisised by Twitter uses forcing him to backtrack. He admitted the mistake saying he shouldn’t have said that and confirmed that the company was obliged to share such information with its users.

Following the news, Twitter shares dropped 1.2% in extended trading closing the days at $30.67.