Trans Global Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:TGGI) is Set to Open an Outlet in California

Trans Global Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:TGGI) has entered into a partnership with a California resident Manager of a Cannabis Medical Industry. He was previously worked in the Cannabis industry as a bud tender.

The company will utilize the partnership to establish an outlet for the first time in California through its subsidiaries. TGGI is taking advantage of the new partnership to establish its footprint in the Cannabis business just 6 months before the schedule.  The company will use the new location to train its personnel for other locations.

This new initiative allows the company to stand on its own legs and eliminate the need to depend on local partners for business needs. Therefore, TGGI will be more prudent to choose the right partners and work efficiently to introduce products in the market. The company has currently roped in residents to work in three states that have got the nod of MJ. To spur growth throughout 2018, the company is planning for expansion of the resident networks in other states.

Apart from this, the company will retain the initial partner based in Reno, NV. The company will bank on this relationship to promote the business.

TGGI also holds a majority stake in Bahamas Development Corporation (OTC:BDCI). To sell specialty products, the company also has exclusive marketing accords with cannabis consortium.

BDCI is set to file a Form 10 with Securities and Exchange Commission through retaining the counsel. The contract CFO will complete the audit process, which was halted in January 2017 following the discovery of transaction that closed in the year 2009. The CFO is expected to expedite the auditing by closely coordinating with auditors.

BDCI has a majority stake in Cannabis Consortium, Inc., which is rapidly expanding its footprint in MJ sector. The company will update the progress of work in California in the coming weeks.

Cannabis Consortium, Inc., is a subsidiary of TGGI. Cannabis Consortium, Inc. (CCI), is merging back with BDCI. CCI is rapidly expanding into other areas that were not initially planned.