Three Russian Universities To Start Offering Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Courses

There has been an increase in the number of Russian universities offering courses in blockchain and crypto technologies.

Three more universities

Three more universities in Russia have announced plans to start offering courses related to cryptocurrency and the digital economy. The universities will incorporate the new courses in its September intake. A number of the course will be offered in English with speakers sourced from the U.S. India and Europe.

The three universities are Don State Technical University (DSTU), Novosibirsk State University (NSU) and Voronezh State University (VSU). The universities have taken the move despite the cryptocurrency policy in Russia being so ambiguous. Two of the universities will offer degree programs in the blockchain.

Voronezh State University

This university has announced that it will be offering a degree program called “Models and methods for analyzing the digital economy.” In this program, students will be trained in the use of modern information technology. The students will learn on how to use the technology to in analysis and support. In the end, the university intends to integrate this program into the economics curriculum.

Don State Technical University

The DSTU is offering two full masters programs focusing on blockchain technology. In a report, the university said that the cause will take two years and will allow students to master courses on distributed technologies, intelligent information systems, crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency, the digital economy and cybersecurity. Of the two master courses, one will focus exclusively on blockchain technology. The other course will integrate digital accounting programs.

NSU is also offering courses similar to those offered by DSTU. The university is offering a Master in Cryptography,which will extensively cover blockchain technology. Some of the courses in the program are blockchain problems, math and applications.

It is only DSTU that is offering courses that are related to digital currencies and exchanges. Many have avoided these terms because the cryptocurrency regulatory framework in Russia has been very silent. The country does not have a clear regulatory framework for the sector. Recent reports from the government have indicated that the regulations may still not be out by the end of this year. This is so despite being far beyond the deadline which had been issued by the president.