TAL Education Group (ADR) (NYSE:TAL) Offering Students in China Training To Help Them On The Mainland

Hanging out with friends, cruising the mall, sports, or honing the online gaming skills in Fortnite are part of the weekend ritual for quite a significant number of the American kids. A 9-year-old public school student in Beijing who apparently looks quite serious spent a Friday evening in a TAL Education Group (ADR) (NYSE:TAL) operated tutoring center classroom. Reports indicate that he had spent a lot of time cramming mathematics drills.

He had also expressed his interest in both the Chinese and the English classes and that is why on Saturday he went back for extra instruction in the two subjects.

Students understand the essence of studying hard for the dreaded exams

When asked what fascinated him the most, he pointed out to TAL’s environment .According to him, the classes there were quite lively and he found it rather interesting that students were playing little games alongside the normal learning programs.

Zhao Liu is the mother of the 9-year-old and she has been serving as a nurse in the Beijing military hospital. In an interview, she outlined that the thought of ever forcing her son to study had never occurred to her. She also disclosed that the father stood opposed to the thought of forcing their son to study.

She says that no one needed to compel learners to study. The reason she gave was that the student understood the essence of studying for the dreaded national exams.

Challenges for those that fail and government’s crusade

Usually, those that perform poorly face a lot of challenges in life not forgetting that they lack the chance of ever joining a college. Quite a large number of parents understand the plight faced by those students that fail and it is the reason they gladly make investments in money and in time as well.

They are more inclined to helping their children achieve a bright future. The great desire is having a huge impact on TAL which is reportedly becoming a major money spinner.

But, there is an ongoing Chinese government’s crusade which is seeking to cut back on academic stress in a bid to foster childhood creativity.

TAL’s tutoring revolves around encouraging the various students to practice on the subjects and areas they will face on China’s exams.