Smart Cannabis Corp, (OTCMKTS:SCNA) Unveils Its 2017 Annual Report Showcasing Growth In Revenue

Smart Cannabis Corp, (OTCMKTS:SCNA) today moved ahead to make the posting of its 2017 annual report. The 2017 revenues stood at about $3.12 million which was representative of almost 1286% over the figures recorded in 2016 where the revenues stood at about $225,000.

Much more is happening with the passage of time and it is also worth mentioning that the assets of the company increased by a huge margin to stand at $1.3 million, which was representative of a 270% over year-end 2016. By the year end, the company had managed to accumulate in the form of cash.

It is also important to point out that it also made a series of investments in the manufacturing equipment. The increased marketing is expected to move along way helping improve its business ranking in the market.

The Executive Vice President of Smart Cannabis Don Smith opined, “John Taylor and I are very pleased with what has been accomplished in just 14 months since starting this company. We have installed over 30 automated greenhouse systems in the last year.”

He went further to outline that they had much confidence in their team, and that they were confident about its capabilities to deliver the very best to the large number of customers. They are looking forward to witness a steady growth over the coming few months and that is in close consideration of the various strategies they have been laying down in the past as well as their great determination to make it. The various untested parties have been advised to visit the Smart Cannabis website as well as the wide range of the social media outlets in order to be able to access the latest company’s updates.

Being a public equity corporation advancing the cannabis and agriculture industries, Smart Cannabis is looking forward to further growing its acquisitions, proprietary intellectual property and the alliances as well. Next Generation Farming Inc, which happens to be its wholly owned subsidiary, has over the years paid a major focus to the provision of turnkey, automated, commercial greenhouses systems.