SinglePoint, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SING) Enters Into A Pact With CarFax For Data Collection Initiative

ShieldSaver, a subsidiary of SinglePoint, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SING), has entered into a pact with CarFax to offer detailed information to CarFax. The company collects the detailed information from the CarFax and utilize in the mobile application of ShieldSaver to enhance efficiency.

ShieldSaver is establishing a relationship with leaders in the industry. The company also established alliances with international airport parking lot management companies including LAZ Parking and WallyPark to increase its footprint throughout the nation.

The company collects consumer data and automotive data in large quantities with the help of its proprietary License Plate Recognition (LPR). A lot of companies needs access to this vital information. For example, insurance companies need this information to know when it is time to repair the windshield and whether repair has been completed satisfactorily.

ShieldSaver is collecting private data and shall share the data with only firms that need legitimate access. With the expansion of infrastructure, SinglePoint will share the expertize that allows storing the data in blockchain based ledger. It will have controls in place to provide secure access only to the parties that need data.

Wil Ralston, President of SinglePoint expressed happiness to enter into a pact with CarFax. The company is hoping to expand the relationship for more opportunities.

SinglePoint has recently taken over ShieldSaver. The company has made considerable investments to bring it to a new level. ShieldSaver will add more value to SinglePoint by increasing revenue and IP. Their collective engagement is the development of an innovative automotive data collection application. The new application will be integrated into the blockchain development of SinglePoint.

Supreme Court Rules in favor of Sports Betting in 46 States and Gives Business Opportunity to SinglePoint, Inc.

Supreme Court has overturned the rule prohibiting sports betting enacted in the year 1992. It has ruled in favor of allowing sports betting in 46 states. SinglePoint has introduced a social betting app in the iTunes App Store apart from investing in StakeHaul.

The market opportunity of the betting industry is estimated at $150 billion. SinglePoint and StakeHaul are working closely to get a small percentage of this sports betting and developed a payment option. Ethereum based smart contracts will be introduced in the application.