ROCKY Mtn High/SH SH (OTCMKTS:RMHB) Announces First HEMPd Shipment and Further Debt Reduction

ROCKY Mtn High/SH SH (OTCMKTS:RMHB) announced successfully shipping the first order of the new CBD infused products to M&S Up North Distributing (M&S). M&S is a major distributor of Rocky Mountain High Brands. ROCKY Mtn High is a consumer goods company which specializes in development of high-quality, health conscious, hemp-infused products, cannabidiol (CBD) and naturally high alkaline spring water.

Rocky Mountain High Brands Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Welch said they are very excited to ship the HEMPd products order to M&S. He noted that the company has a long-term relationship with the owners of M&S. He added that they are very happy to have M&S as the first distributor of the HEMPd product line

M&S Director of Sales, Moose Thompson said that his company is very happy to have been chosen as the distributor of the HEMPd products. He said they have received a big response from their retailers and are expecting the same response from the customers.

The HEMPd line of products has several flavor options for tinctures and E-juices that will give the retailers and customers a variety of options. The lotion is made with an amazing smell and makes the hands feel great without a greasy after effect.

Thompson said with the first order in transit, the company has already presold 85% of it and is currently working on the second order in April. He said that with a full line of delivery options for CBD product consumers, the HEMPd line will beat its competitors in the market.

The company also announced that it has continued to retire much expensive convertible debt financing from its Equity Financing Agreement.

In other news, Rocky Mountain High Brand has announced the appointment of Dean Blythe to its Board of Directors. While commenting on the appointment, Welch said they are highly honored to have Dean Blythe joining the company’s Board of Directors as it moves into the new dawn of development. Mr. Blythe has a wealth of knowledge and experience which will be of great benefit the Company having worked for many NYSE companies.