Players Network (OTCQB:PNTV) Enters California Market

Players Network (OTCQB:PNTV), is a diversified holding company operating in media and marijuana.

Great leaf farms indeed is a great game changer in the current networking industry that is let’s say for a year it approves about two thirds  of the state of the art facilities this according to a research carried out a fortnight ago.

There exists a highly known exchanging company that has existed for a quite long time gave out reports that it had received from the above approved construction permits to improve and increase their level of production and farming.

With increased convolution in terms of the organizational and machine driven engineering which were needed in order to bring the operations together led to the tying together of both the permits.

Planned  with a certificate acquired from the completed phase two upgrading the company has now to put on more effort to facilitate and enhance the completion to the works it holds courtesy of green leaf firms the commonly known marijuana producer.

There are plans to improve on the current commodities and also bring on board new products.

Most of the company employees have been kept in the dark because the company has sworn to protect its intellectual property regarding an increment in future of the entity and its development.

According to one of the known chief executive officers the compliance will provide the green leafs company with adequate time to improve and in completion of its construction and become one of new generation and in fact the highly approached fabrication and farming equipment around the globe.

The company started realizing positive revenues in some part of the previous year through the much acquired support from the green leaf farms.

This has grown for quite some time and an estimated increment of around ten percent is required to give them the survival power this season. The company is planning for a much higher improvement in the years to come.

With the equitation of production license which enables the company to know on how it can get extract that are required for use in the company oils and edibles this will improve in their media operations.

In conclusion the green firms highly dominate the industry when it comes to upgrading of small firms today.