Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO) Updates On MA & Associates LLC Performance

Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO) reported that MA & Associates LLC, a cannabis testing lab based in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is partially owned by company, has made notable strides in completing businesses and processes ahead of the lab’s final inspection by Nevada. MA Analytics is working to finalize the procedures and policies along with the operations ahead of the final inspection and its expected opening for business to consumers.

The buzz

Pazoo reported that the lab has closed some and is close to completing the remaining standard operating processes including validations and methods while seeing everything is up to the stringent compliance and testing policies set forth by Nevada. In addition, in advent for working with clients, the lab has engaged a general manager with broad experience in marketing, sales and client acquisition, and professional relationship building. She has already commenced selling plans.

The State Inspection is the eventual step before the laboratory can open and begin generating revenue. Pazoo reported that the testing done by MA & Associates LLC, as needed by Nevada, will protect customers from chemicals, contaminants as well as other impurities within the cannabis crop, ensuring the customer is getting the best possible offering.

Steve Basloe, the Acting CEO of Pazoo, expressed that they are extremely delighted to report that the lab is close to planning the State inspection, the final key step required in order to be open and begin generating revenue. They are thrilled to commence the marketing and sales of the lab along with their general manger.

Basloe added that they understand the frustration caused by problems in the lab opening but they are confirming that as the State endures to tighten their testing standards and limits, they are not committing the mistakes some other laboratories have made in the past. They look forward to opening the lab soon and turning this into a lucrative business moving forward.