PAO GROUP INC (OTCMKTS:PAOG) Provides An Update On Corporate Buyout Programs

PAO GROUP INC (OTCMKTS:PAOG) announced recently that it’s streamlining its operations in the Alternative Medicine Centers of America (AMCA) to focus on the Corporate Owned facilities. The move is to allow the company to accelerate growth in the shareholder value and increase its earnings. The Corporate owned facilities are also more profitable compared to company’s other affiliate facilities.

The AMCA provides various services to the patients including the health education, lifestyle coaching, and naturopathic medicine that helps in improving the individual’s health and wellness.

The company through its AMCAs provide patients with safe, quality and confidential alternative healthcare services, while giving them professional support. Additionally, the AMCA also provide the community and patients with advanced and innovative wellness information and services as they facilitate their journey of recuperation.

Robert Weber, CEO of PAO Group stated that the affiliate locations were launched in multiple locations but since the company has attained the critical mass in Ohio and Florida, it’s time for the firm to acquire or replace all its existing affiliate locations to enhance the quality of patient services and profitability.

The company is now focused on Grand Opening of its two new locations in Florida (Jacksonville and St. Augustine). PAO Group expects to expand its brand and services to offer the most efficacious solutions as an alternative measures to the drawbacks of opiate-based care to the communities and patients as it gains socially responsible profits and its overall success.

In addition, the company is preparing to launch opiate addiction treatment for the indigent and uninsured patient. At the moment, through its subsidiary owned company, Rising Biosciences, Inc., a pilot program is already underway in its North Florida dispensaries. The opiate addiction therapy will follow a comprehensive program including counselling and medication to combat the addiction offered at an affordable rate.