ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ON) to Showcase WBG Solutions at PCIM Forum

ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ON) has decided to demonstrate Wide Band Gap (WBG) Technologies as well as devices at the PCIM forum this year.

WBG is changing the landscape of electronic industry by offering a lot of advantages in the end product and power circuit design across a range of markets. ON Semiconductor has Gate Driver, GaN, and SiC devices in its product range in innovative packages along with supported tools to help design and expedite the design cycle.

ON Semiconductor will make use of the PCIM forum to showcase WBG innovations such as automotive grade and industrial grade SiC diodes. Benefits of these WBG innovations are reduced EMI, enhanced power density, improved thermal performance, and compact size of the system. WBG innovations are suitable for the modern automotive applications.

The company also displays NCP51705 SiC MOSFET Driver and the evaluation board for implementation in high performance industrial motor drivers and inverters.

The developers need predictive and accurate simulation program together with integrated circuit emphasis modeling to speed up the development process using WBG technology. The engineers and designers alike will have a chance to understand the design and benefits of using advanced SPICE model, which is sensitive to layout perturbations and parameters, during a demonstration by the experts of ON Semiconductor at PCIM forum.

The circuit designers can make use of the SPICE model to evaluate the technologies using a simulation process. It saves the cost and time involved in building the physical models and trying them. The robust SPICE agnostic model of ON Semiconductor can also be used for porting across a range of industry standard simulation platforms.

ON Semiconductor will also demonstrate the latest power modules designed for higher efficiency. The power modules come with an innovative electrical and robust physical design to suit the needs of demanding industrial applications. The benefits offered by the latest power modules such as high efficiency and compact design along with improved battery life will be explained to the visitors at PCIM forum using a power tool.

Automotive and industrial applications including UPS, motor drives, solar inverters, powertrain inverters, and xEV chargers require the use of high current IGBT Gate drivers. The visitors can find innovative NCD570x series gate drivers of ON Semiconductor for their high efficiency and cost effective applications.