NXT-ID, Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTD) Launches Flip From Its Fit Pay Subsidiary

NXT-ID, Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTD) Subsidiary Fit Pay Now Taking Pre-Orders for Flip – a Contactless Payment Device for Cryptocurrencies.

NXT-ID Inc. is an all-inclusive platform engaged in technological products and services which enable the IOT. Having a substantial experience in biometrics, access controls, encryption, security and privacy and data protection.

NXT-ID creates and markets groundbreaking programmes and IOT applications. The company’s leading technological products and programmes include MobileBio, Wocket team and FLYE which was developed in collaboration with worldventures.

NXT_ID has 3 mobile and IOT subsidiaries; Fit pay Inc. which is a technological platform which provides an end to end solution to manufacturers within the IOT space; LogicMark LLC which manufactures and distributes stems of emergency response.

In a statement by the COO of NXT-ID, Michael Orlando, Flip represents an expansion of Fitpay platform of payment through connecting Cryptocurrencies to the ecosystem payment

He insinuates that the reason for formation of Fit pay was to help revolutionize the payment experience so as to enable contactless payments with the Cryptocurrencies.

NFC antenna permits Flip to be able to transact at retail points of sale which accept contactless payments. The company therefore store preloaded amounts in dollars that will be exchanged from the existing Crptocurrencies

The technology has a digital wallet which allows the users to be able to set the values they want their Flips to hold and when they would like to have it reloaded.

The flips attention grabbing factors include its coin shaped form and a distinctive coloring. Those who wish to be the first in using the contactless payment system now have the opportunity to pre-order the platform.

NXT-ID’s has been attributed its expansion to its strategy and to extension as a natural growth due to the expanding market in the crypto-space.

The company is also pursuing the Blockchains technology besides making the Cryptocurrencies extensively usable on a continuous basis in payment and healthcare businesses

Flip shall be retailed at $29 having a standard shipping charge included besides other accounts and exchange fees that are related to maintaining the Flip digit wallet with their initial dispatch expected in the quarter two of 2018.