Next Generation (OTCMKTS:NGMC) Subsidiary Provides Crucial Business Updates To Stockholders

Next Generation Management Corporation (OTC:NGMC), which happens to be a subsidiary of Next Generation Energy Corporation (OTCMKTS:NGMC) has today moved ahead to give the various stockholders the latest updates about its Oregon Medical Marijuana operation.

NGMC has confirmed that they won’t be doing away with the Organic Innovation (OI).They will be retaining it because it is essential when it comes to the integration of the proprietary cannabis growing systems into the cannabis cultivation operation of NGMC.

The CEO of NGMC Darryl Reed took great pride in the fact that they had more than 10 years in the sector and of course that implies they well understand all the intricacies associated with the agriculture and cannabis industries.He added that they were very much pleased about the fact that they had done quite much in line with implementing the OI’s organic cannabis growing methods.

Mr. Reed was rather assertive in outlining that both soil based and hydroponic agriculture technologies OI had moved quite a long way bringing it to the lime light that it was indeed possible to scale the cannabis crop yields higher. And to be more specific it is about taking it way up by as much as 50%.It is the goal of each and every company to boost its production capacity since that is what translates to the collection of more in terms of profits or revenues. The company understands the need to do proper strategizing according to one market analysts that has been following quite closely on its progress.

According to him, doing all that it takes to enhance the product quality is an exercise any progressive company needs to adopt. Making a profit requires that the company in question tries its level best to minimize on the overall production costs.

If all movers according to plan, sources reveal that OI might be resorting to the exercise of implementing its organic grow systems in the wide range of the facilities belonging to NGMC. Business challenges are part and parcel of any forward moving company according to an analyst that has been following on the most recent developments. This company has come face to face with numerous challenges but it has also done quite well in tackling them.