Next Generation Management Corp (OTCMKTS:NGMC) Comments On Progress in Oregon

More recently, Nextgen Holdings, LLC, which is a subsidiary unit of Next Generation Management Corp (OTCMKTS:NGMC) issued an update for shareholders so as to make them aware with the progress of Medical Marijuana business in Oregon.

The buzz

As per the update issued by Next Generation subsidiary, the company has managed to retain the Organic Innovation to implement their unique proprietary cannabis cultivation systems into company’s cannabis grow operation. Darryl Reed, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Next Generation, reported that with extensive experience of more than 10 years in the agriculture and cannabis industries, they are thrilled to implement Organic Innovation’s organic cannabis cultivation processes.

The CEO of Next Generation reported that using hydroponic as well as soil based agriculture technologies, Organic Innovation has showcased the ability to considerably increase cannabis crop production as much as 50% and enhance product quality while lowering overall production costs. Organic Innovation will commence implementing its organic cultivation systems in company’s facilities starting February 2018.

Next Generation Management wholly-owned subsidiary was established to keep its Oregon cannabis assets. As it is known, the company is actively engaged in the segment of medical marijuana operations. It offers several advanced facilities including accounting, management and security services, to the growing recreational and medical cannabis market. The firm was established back in November 1980, and has its headquarters in Ashburn, VA.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Next Generation Management traded in a narrow range only to close flat at $0.00370. The traded share volume was 309,980 compared to average share volume of 3.61 million. Post the recent session, the market cap of company was noted at $2.47 million. The 52-week high of the stock stands at $0.01 while the 52-week low was noted at $0.0005. On Friday, the stock recorded a session high of $0.0039.