MyDx’s Biopharmaceutical Division Seeks To Conduct Clinical Trials On Mydx360 Pain Management Formula

MyDx, Inc  is the creator of MyDx® (My Diagnostic) and today it has moved ahead to make the announcement regarding the definitive agreement it wants to strike with contract research organization. The target is to start a series of clinical trials in Israel and it hopes that soon it will serve a large number of people with the proprietary pain management formula.

But the question that quite a significant number of the concerned parties have been posing over time is the reason as to why it chose to settle for Israel. A person well conversant with the most recent developments while speaking to a number of journalists interviewing him told them that Israel had been chosen in close consideration of its fast track studies through the FDA .Asides from that, they had also considered the expertise associated with the country in the cannabis arena.

The reports coming up are that one of the top and trusted hospitals in Israel has been chosen as the exact location for conducting the study. Israeli Ministry of Health is making all the appropriate preparations so that when time finally arrives it can proceed and oversee the experiment.

MyDx’s Biopharmaceutical Division according to sources intends to move ahead with its plan to conduct a randomized and placebo-controlled trial in which case it will be estimating the efficacy of MyDx’s proprietary formulas on ten various persons struggling with chronic Low Back Pain in the form of a Primary indication. The trial will also track Anxiety, Depression and sleep as the Secondary Indications.

A person familiar with the matter disclosed that the formulas were derived from the proprietary database of pre-clinical belonging to MyDx. The CEO of MyDx Daniel Yazbeck said that their data gave them remarkable insights into ways the chemical properties of cannabis could end up impacting the company’s wide user base.

The Chief Medical Officer of MyDx Dr. Jessica Peatross opined, “MyDx initially intends to find a pain management solution for persons struggling with chronic pain, since pain is the number one ailment its consumers are seeking to alleviate with cannabis.  When clinical trials are near complete, MyDx expects to conduct additional trials for its MyDx360 customers on various other segments of interest.”