MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) Biopharmaceutical Segment Begins Clinical Trials On MyDx360

MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported a statement of work and definitive deal with a contract research firm to start clinical studies in Israel on its pain management formula that was advanced from over 50,000 pre-clinical, crowdsourced physiological data-points tracked by company’s Handheld Cannabis Tester and related mobile app. Israel was selected for its ability to fast track trials through the FDA and its expertise in the cannabis segment. The trial will be performed in one of the major hospitals in Israel. It will be looked after by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The buzz

MyDx’s Biopharmaceutical segment, which is emphasized on identifying gAPITM, will perform a placebo-controlled and randomized study to know the efficacy of company‚Äôs proprietary formulas on people sutruggling with chronic Low Back Pain as a main indication. The study will also track Depression, Anxiety and Sleep as Secondary Indications. Formulas were obtained from company’s database of pre-clinical, crowdsourced contributions that tied customer experiences to the chemical part of a specific strain.

Daniel Yazbeck, the CEO of MyDx, expressed that their data gives them remarkable insights into the way the chemical properties of cannabis impact their base of users. Now they are taking those understandings into the pharmaceutical scope to confirm their preliminary results.

Dr. Jessica Peatross, the Chief Medical Officer of MyDx, expressed that cannabis holds extensive promise for different categories of pain. He is personally extremely thrilled to pursue follow on trials that assess the activation of CB1 receptors to cure endometriosis, which marks as a painful problem that plagues one in ten women in the U.S.

MyDx initially plans to seek a pain management solution for patients struggling with chronic pain, since pain marks as the number one problem its customers are seeking to ease with cannabis. When clinical studies are near complete, the company anticipates to perform additional studies for its MyDx360 consumers on various other segments of interest and the next most prioritized diseases in the firm database as specified by MyDx users.