MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) Announces the Clinical Trial of MyDx360 Pain Management Formula

The Biopharmaceutical Division of MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) has started the clinical trial of the proprietary pain management formula MyDx360 in Israel. The pain management formula is developed from the crowd sourced and 50,000+ per-clinical physiological data points from its database.

The clinical trial will be conducted in leading Israeli hospitals under the supervision of the Health Ministry, Israel.

To its credit, MyDx Inc., a leading science and technology company, has developed a multi-use hand held chemical analyzer, MyDx that will be useful for the retail customers as well as Cannabis professionals. The chemical analyzer will help to understand the cannabis profile about how the users feel and what are ailments it can alleviate. The new pain management formula is developed using the physiological data-points tracked through the mobile app and the cannabis tester – MyDx.

Biopharmaceutical division will engage in placebo controlled and randomized trial on patients using the pain management formula to under the effectiveness. The trial will be conducted mainly on patients suffering from severe low back pain. The trial will also focus on secondary indications like anxiety, depression and sleep.

The Chief Executive Officer of MyDx, Mr. Daniel Yazbeck said the data of MyDx Inc will help to understand the effectiveness of the cannabis on consumers. Now, the company is going a step further to ascertain the preliminary findings using those insights.

The CMO (Chief Medical Officer) of MyDx, Dr. Jessica Peatross said Cannabis is one of the best medicines to provide relief from pain. The doctor is very excited to continue the study on using the CB1 receptors for the treatment of endometriosis. Almost 10 in 100 women are suffering from endometriosis in the US.

Many people suffering from chronic low back pain are looking for a promising solution using Cannabis. The company is proceeding in the same direction to provide the patients with the pain management formula to mitigate the low back pain.

The company will commence the clinical trials on pain management solution in March 2018. MyDx Inc is likely to conclude the trial in Q3, 2018.