Mountain High Acquisitions Corp (OTCMKTS:MYHI) Expands Its Pilot Program To Help Licensed Cannabis Growers

A pilot program from Mountain High Acquisitions Corp (OTCMKTS:MYHI), which is aimed at providing turnkey infrastructure solutions to licensed cannabis growers and producers is now bigger and better.

The program developed by the company’s strategic partner D9 Manufacturing, Inc. (D9), is targeting highly promising cannabis markets the likes of Arizona, Washington, California, and Oregon.  It will also include the development and utilization of reliable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which will play a significant role in reducing the risks of low yields.

According to D9’s Chief Science Officer, Jeremiah Molinaro, their focus is on reforming the methods from seed to harvest as they seek to consistently produce premium quality product within a strict timeline. That means fine-tuning SOPs and best practices, which will introduce efficiency in cultivation, achievement of above-average yields and production of a visually rich and palatable harvest.

Molinaro explains, “The proprietary design of MYHI’s intermodal grow containers enables us to bring this cultivation technique quickly to any legal market.”

D9 has produced scores of harvests considered to be elite boutique-quality

For a while now, D9 has been reporting a substation electrical power surge, which at some point resulted in a loss of the company’s initial cultivation. However, the team behind the pilot program has the expertise to bring on board exclusive boutique-quality harvest.

The SOPs will be a plus in providing MYHI customers with reliable grow solutions; thanks to the utilization of the intermodal cultivation containers. The estimated yields per container are 64 to 94 pounds per harvest and MYHI is determined to make any form of improvements to increase the cultivation containers.  D9 has also improved the water and nutrient delivery systems within the containers.

What should be known about MYHI?

MYHI is passionate about helping licensed operators optimize their businesses. Thus, the main objective is to provide them with affordable access to state-of-the-art equipment as explained by MYHI CEO Alan Smith. On the other hand, the company is also focused on the development of a wide range of assets within the cannabis sector.

Meanwhile, the company’s association with D9 is for purposes of gaining assistance in the development and acquisition of a bigger share of the cannabis market.