Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) And Razor To Bring Keyboard And Mouse Support To Xbox One

Gamers might not have to wait much longer as soon keyboard and mouse support is coming to Xbox One. For long there have been suggestions from Microsoft for availing this amazing option for Xbox one but it seems now it is much closer than never.

Microsoft and Razer could now be working together to this peripheral support into reality. The partnership will allow Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting support in the Xbox games. Therefore, the players will be allowed to have an assortment of colors lighting up on a keyboard.

According to sources, the plan by Microsoft and Razer was presented at an annual event earlier this year and Razer explained vividly how its Chroma technology will provide visual cues on Xbox one. Microsoft highlighted how developers will balance their games both for keyboard and mouse.

Importantly, the balance is fully up to developers and for multiplayer for mouse and keyboard they’ll detect such peripherals when they are present. Technically, there is a faster reaction time when on keyboard and mouse than when on the gamepad which simply means that players using a keyboard and mouse will have definitely an unfair advantage.

Gamers also will have an option to tap into Razer’s API which will bring the lighting effects of Chroma to games which means gamers will detect the happenings in the game by just color observations. For instance, green color will tell good health, yellow when injured and red when nearing death.

Of course, gamers have for quite some time now been asking for keyboard and mouse support for console and according to the reports, it seems like Microsoft have been entertaining really those ideas. The partnership with Razer is clear indication that the compatibility for mouse and keyboard is just around the corner.

However, as for when the keyboard and mouse support will launch on Xbox One is just in the dark. Microsoft intended to add it in April to Xbox Developer kit but the launch failed, therefore, all that remains is to wait and see whether Microsoft will release the support at some point this year or not. Hopefully, the details happen soon, just stay tuned.