Metatron Inc (OTCMKTS:MRNJ) Launches CryptoCoinBase™

Metatron Inc (OTCMKTS:MRNJ) has launched CryptoCoinBase™, which is a unique cryptocurrency exchange platform with location an price tracking services for peer to peer transactions offered on Google Play as well as a Progressive Web App.

CryptoCoinBase™’s features comprise private chat, locations of participants who intend to trade in cryptocurrency, market cap data feed, crypto pricing, the latest news and likewise. Also, the company is offering Crypto tracking app named BitMeet™ on Google Play as a PWA. The company anticipates it to be launched for iOS devices in the imminent future.

The buzz

Joe Riehl, the CEO of Metatron, expressed that with the mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin by customers has led to increasing market need for a safe, easy and simple to utilize peer to peer transaction facilitator, its anticipated Amazon and similar retailers will commence taking crypto in 2018, and currently most people still require a smart friend to state how it all works, they intend on changing that.

Metatron allowed investors for a limited time to buy Series ‘B’ shares in blocks of different sizes to help fund projects. Going by the announced plan, the investors in initial round are set to get the highest discount.

Series ‘B’ shares can be used through the firm, will convert at 1B share to 50,000 common shares and that too at a discount. These are immune to reverse splits. B shares are available in limited number and Metatron has the right to change and end offering at any time. It should be noted that Metatron was the first firm to launch any Cannabis based apps on iTunes and has extensive experience in processing payments through its Just Data Billing division.

The latest announcement from Metatron coincides with the release of, which is the leading one-stop online site soon to be a unique app with the latest education, editorials, trade volume, market capitalizations, ICO and news alerts.