Medicine Man Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:MDCL) To Launch Its ‘Three A Light’ ® Mobile App

Medicine Man Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:MDCL) has unveiled the new Three A Light mobile app which is a digital companion to highly sought after book under the same name. Medicine Man Technologies is one of the leading companies in cannabis branding and consulting space.

The mobile app, which was launched recently, will take the institutional knowledge which was published by Joshua Haupt, the company’s Chief Cultivation Officer in his book called Three a Light which was published in 2015. Owing to the legal nature of the cannabis industry, this will be the first mobile app to offer advisory services for cannabis.

While commenting on the app, Mr. Haupt said the company designed the app so as to complement the book as well as the company’s current cultivation process. He said that the app is meant to put users of their products and the company’s master growers very close and easily accessible. He added that the print edition of the book has been in circulation for the last two years and they sought it is the right time for the company to bring in the digital edition so as to offer advice to the users of their products conveniently. Mr. Haupt said the company will also be looking into other cost-effective print version in the future.

The app will sale at for $99.00 on Apple’s App store and will come with much of the information contained in the book as well give the very first mobile nutrient calendar and feed scheduler. The functionality of the app will be available for both vegetative and flowering within ones grow. Users will be able to sync and monitor the growing function of their plants into a single mobile calendar. They will also receive timely notifications to make sure that nothing is overlooked in the entire process. A California-based Proposition 215-compliant medical grower said they have used the Three a Light curriculum for over two years and the results have been amazing. Mr. Haupt said they are very pleased to see the power of the book complemented with the convenience of the mobile app especially the nutrient calendar and the feed scheduler.