Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) Cannabinoid Products Discounted In Event Of 2018 Olympic Games

Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) reported that it is thrilled to rejoice the 2018 Olympic Games as they offer discounts on its THC-free cannabidiol hemp oil products intended particularly for athletes. There remains no secret that cannabis is turning into an increasingly popular product as a pain management supplement in the United States, and mainly is becoming an extensively recognized treatment alternative for professional athletes who are suffering from a variety of injuries. In fact, as per a Yahoo/Marist College survey, almost 70% of Americans permit of athletes utilizing cannabis for pain.

The buzz

Dr. Stuart Titus, the CEO of Medical Marijuana, reported that they are thrilled to be able to rejoice the hard work and dedication of Olympians from across the world and make their Cannabidiol products extremely accessible to those who require it most. They are delighted that the World Anti-Doping Agency comprehends that Cannabidiol is safe for professional athletes to utilize and has several health and wellness advantages.

WADA removed Cannabidiol from its list of banned substances as of January 1, 2018, stating that recent scientific literature demonstrates that synthetic CBD is not a cannabimimetic. Hence, CBD no longer meets two of the three factors to be considered for addition on the list. Medical Marijuana’s CBD hemp oil named RSHO-X™ is perfect for athletes as it is free of THC. It is the compound seen in cannabis that is identified to get user high. It has become the Cannabidiol supplement of choice for athletes, as well as for first responders, small children and anyone else who is contingent to drug tests.

Besides WADA’s recent statement, the WHO made a recommendation in last November not to schedule Cannabidiol as a drug mentioning that in its pure state, CBD does not seem to cause harm or have abuse potential and that current information does not explain scheduling of the substance.