Marijuana Industry Of Denver Soaks Up Around 4% Of City’s Total Electricity

The marijuana industry of Denver is growing. And along with it is increasing its need for electricity. The latest news indicates that the marijuana industry of Denver is soaking up around 4 percent of its total electricity use.

According to latest data obtained from the Department of Public Health and Environment of Denver, the energy-hungry plants of marijuana need a regular electricity supply. The sustainability advisor for the department, Emily Backus said that it is significant that the energy share of marijuana is growing at a faster rate than the overall usage of energy in the city which has increased only by 1 or 2 percent in the last couple of years.

However, the data also reflects some positive points about the marijuana cultivation. The data says that the amount of energy required for growing one pound of marijuana is on the decline. The major challenge now is that the growth in the demand for marijuana is tempting the facilities to produce more and more plants.

Officials Encouraging Less Power Consumption

Backus stated that it actually means that the marijuana growers are becoming more efficient in their facilities. Despite all these positive trends, the energy use trajectory continues to move upward for the cannabis industry. The Denver city officials are aiming to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to 80% by 2050 which is why the cannabis plants and their increasing power consumption is proving to be such a huge problem.

In most of the cities, the majority of marijuana plants are grown indoors and the industry has been traditionally using energy-intensive lights for getting maximum yields. However, the city officials now are trying to increase the implementation of sustainable growing practices such as fine-tuning cooling systems and involving LED lights to encourage less use of electricity.

As opposed to Denver, Ontario is currently in an ideal power supply situation and also boasts of having the most licensed cannabis producers. According to a forecast by IESO, the business of marijuana will represent less than one percent of the total electricity consumption of Ontario.