Maricann Group Inc. (OTCMKTS:MRRCF) Provides Clarification with Respect to Recent Media Publication

Maricann Group Inc. (OTCMKTS:MRRCF) announced today a clarification with respect to a recent media publication. Mr. Ben Ward, the manager of the cooperation as well as the director.

Unauthorized Interview.

It had been earlier on reported that the interview had not been authorized by the special committee concerned with such matters and that the information that was contained in it only represented the personal views and opinion of the high ranked officer.

The committee then advised the investors not to dwell much on the information that was contained in the interview.

The history of the company dates back in 2013 when it was started for the production and distribution of marijuana, which is highly needed for medical purposes.

There is also the distribution of the products after it was issued with a license of operation from the Canadian government together with the Dresden and Saxony in Germany.

New expansions

The company is currently in the process of undertaking an expansion by supporting the cultivation part and facilities that are required to support the movement in Canada. A blot of the dry cannabis flowers need to be produced in order to support the existing and future growth.

Maricann also announced that it is on the radar of obtaining license that will help them in restating the preliminary short. This will be in conjunction with the qualification of a large number of shares both high and low that will be issued by the controlling agency. The company will establish, more branches to other countries so that they can be a major producer and supplier when it comes to medicinal cannabis.

Maricann is planning to import more improved machines from abroad that will lead to an increase in the production rates so that the patients who need the drugs whenever they are in need of it. Prices of the commodities will also need to be regulated so that many customers in need can easily access the medicine even if it is the smallest size.