Lyon County Opens Its First Marijuana Dispensary

Lyon County recently opened its first marijuana dispensary in Yerington. Known by the name The Yerington Paiute Tribe’s Pesha Numma Dispensary offers myriad products including tinctures, edibles, and smoking accessories for both recreational as well as medical use.

According to the co-founder of Reno-based Tribal Cannabis Consulting, Cassandra Dittus, they have received both good and bad feedback but their main concern is serving the medical patients. Dittus said that they are putting all the opinions aside and are there to help on the medical side and the tribe is indeed interested in helping tribal members pursue alternative medicine.

It should be noted that the consulting firm worked with the tribe for months together prior to opening this shop in Yerington. Dittus further said that the tribe is planning to develop cultivation as well as production facilities at the place and they are expecting it to be a good economic development for the tribe.

Customers Will Have To Follow Certain Procedure

As the report says the customers dropping at the dispensary will first step in a small but modern lobby having a window that is similar to that of a bank teller. After the ID of the customer is checked, a magnetic lock is opened and the customer is led into the sales room where all the transactions will take place. The dispensary has a separate exit area to stream people away after their purchase is complete.

The dispensary at present has a staff of six people from both tribal and non-tribal group. It also includes three bud tenders. It is the third tribal dispensary to open in Nevada. The first Pesha Numma Dispensary was opened by the Las Vegas Paiute whereas the second started by the Ely-Shoshone.

The City of Yerington and Yerington Paiute Tribe signed a five-year contract in October last year. According to the contract, the tribe has the complete rights of operating a dispensary in the city against which the city will receive payment in lieu of tax revenue from all the marijuana sold to the non-tribal buyers at the dispensary.