Ledger Draws Many Investors To Itself After Selling About 1 Mln Wallets

Last year was great for Ledger. This top-notch security-focused hardware Wallet Company obtained high profits from the sales it made. Through the sale of one million hardware crypto wallets it reported profits amounting to $29 million.

In the series B funding, it accumulated about $75 million. That was thanks to efforts by Draper Esprit- a European venture capital firm and it hopes to achieve much more in the near future.

Current state of affairs

Pascal Gauthier, the current president of Ledger while addressing journalists said January was specifically ‘cut out’ for venture capitalists.

The new round is completely something else. Its objective will be to attract the various industrial partners. They will have to sign commercial contracts with the startup as part of the set requirements.

The upcoming round is apparently a great one. That is considering the big names it is attracting. Those include Siemens, Samsung and GV which is a venture firm of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL).The latest reports indicate that the valuation of ledger might soon be moving up to reach $1 billion.

Ledger Vault is specifically meant for the retail investors and hedge funds. It was unveiled recently, but it has already resulted in a major stir. As per this moment, quite a large number of clients have started flocking outside the company’s office. All of them want to make their purchases.

Turn of events

The unveiling of Ledger vault was a progressive move. But almost at the same time the business is considering striking a partnership with Nomura Bank. It is one of the progressive global investment banks in Japan. Their common goal is to come up with a crypto custody solution and the institutional investors are set to benefit a huge deal.

Komainu, the new joint venture expects to be successful in its undertakings. It expects to serve institutional investors in the best possible way.

That is through effective provision of operational framework and digital asset infrastructure. It was in the previous year that Nano S showcased remarkable performance. The company’s hardware wallet made its way to the top-ten list of, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) best-seller. It beat top rivals such as KeepKey and Trezor.