Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. (OTCPINK:KGKG) Announces New Corporate Office

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. (OTCPINK:KGKG), is a hemp positioned label that has emphasized its base on development of products in the expansive beverage sector.

The company has announced its plans to shift its corporate headquarters to Melbourne, Florida having successfully signed a 5 year lease.

The location will provide the company with a 4500 square feet of office feet with a warehouse space which is expected to offer accommodations for expansion of their products and personnel growth.

The CEO Kona Gold solutions said that this was an exciting moment for the company because they have out-grown their current location because the company has continuously grown as per their expectations.

The company expects to begin building its corporate office within a month’s time and it’s expected to have 2000 square feet of their office to be occupied with offices, a lobby, a server room, a conference room and a break room.

It also expects to have a temperature regulated warehouse location hence this will be dedicated towards storage and inventory of products.

The remaining 2,500 square feet will be temperature controlled warehouse space dedicated to product inventory and storage.

The new space will permit the company to hire expertise personnel who will allow the company in its growth prospections of 2018. The company also aims to hire full time sales personnel who’ll help market their products.

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. have also announced their partnership with AATAC and the company has already permitted its Hemp energy drinks and energy waters  to be products that will be availed to its national network of retailers.

Kona Gold manufactures innovative commodities in combination of 2 categories; the emerging hemp-based products and the energy drink market.

Robert Clark announced that the company was excited to bring onboard new partners who will help the company grow hence its partnership with AATAC will help play a greater role in the expansion of its products retail network coverage.

Going forward, Kona Gold will be having a booth that will be exhibiting the Kona Gold hemp energy drinks and the HighDrate energy waters in the AATAC’s show in the current year.

The company also attributed this to being a big opportunity that will enable the company have a display in front of independent stores owners, distributors and also the buyers.