ISODIOL INTERNATIO (OTCMKTS:ISOLF) Pronounces Its Unaudited Q3 Revenues

ISODIOL INTERNATIO (OTCMKTS:ISOLF) has proceeded to pronounce its unaudited Q3 revenues and that is specifically for the year ended December 31, 2017.The reported net operational profit amounted to $202,254 CDN.

In its statement, it stated that it was much pleased about the fact that it had performed much better in Q3 considering that the difference when compared to what was reported in Q2 was fundamentally a 16% rise and that implied the company was scaling higher in a market that is characterized by stiff completion.

An official working with the company while addressing several journalists disclosed that it wasn’t easy for them to maintain their current business position, leave along move a notch higher in terms of rankings.

However, he took immense pride in the achievements they had made to make so far and goes on hoping the future holds great news for them if the matters play according to plan. One wonders what was imparting such confidence in him.

The thing is that the busies has been focusing more on drawing up working strategies and hopes that the strategies will help it realize high profits which will then be ploughed back into the business to help them make major expansions. According to him, sticking to plan has the effect of helping them improve significantly in terms of the market rankings.

The growth in revenues has been attributed to the increased distribution, continued integration of wholly owned subsidiaries, portfolio diversification and reduced manufacturing costs.

One notable aspect of late is the fact that the company is motivated, now much more than ever. Market analysts following closely on its progress have attested to the fact that it is with the passage of time gaining traction in the international markets such as Europe and Latin America and won’t be stopping any time soon on its quest to achieve additional global expansion.

It is also important to outline that it has also managed to make significant traction in operations with several wholly owned subsidiaries such as Bradley’s Bioscience, Be Tru Wellness and the  ISO-Sport.