INNOVATIV MEDIA GR (OTCMKTS:INMG) Unveils The Financial Results For The Year

It was today that INNOVATIV MEDIA GR (OTCMKTS:INMG) moved ahead to announce the year-end Financial Statements for 2017.From the outlook, it is quite evident that the revenues for the year scaled up by almost 19% and it is also worth noting that the EBITDA in the 4th Quarter hit the $13,013 mark. It was a good turn according to market observers following closely on the most recent developments considering that the sum of assets rose by $158,330.

An official working with the company in a recent interview conducted by several news reporters revealed that the revenue of the company in the whole year was primary being driven by content licensing.

It was until late in the year that its new platforms were unveiled but it is also crucial to point out that quite little is expected in terms of it culminating into any sort of material impact in the course of this particular year.

The CEO of Innovativ Media Tom Coleman after attending a business conference made a statement outlining that the previous year was an outstanding one. He outlined that as a company they had witnessed monumental developments for Innovative Media adding that they were also able to acquire a wide range of assets.

Just like the rest of the top performing companies globally, it is looking forward witness strong financial performance this particular year. It will need to focus its media strategies on the burgeoning cannabis industry sector in order to make it big in an industry that is at the moment characterized by great business rivalry.

CannaNet.TV happens to be an online ad supported channel which commits much of its efforts to the steaming of informational and educational content that has much to do with the cannabis culture as well as the streaming of entertainment.

The diversification of business operations is a matter that has moved quiet along way helping this company get to where it is at the moment. Being a developer, producer and distributor of digital entertainment is an undertaking that consumes pretty much in terms of resources but of course the company has its eye focused on achieving the long term goals.