Greengro Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GRNH) Reports Strategic Initiatives Intended To Leverage New Cannabis Legislation

Greengro Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GRNH) reported that it anticipates the latest legislative initiatives pertaining to the legalization of cannabis, especially in California, have established a favorable climate for firms such as GreenGro to expand its businesses at a record pace.

The buzz

James Haas, the CEO and Chairman of Greengro, expressed that the new legislation passed a few days ago was a remarkable moment both for the country as well as cannabis industry as cannabis approached one step closer to being known as a safe household name. These new measures have also established a favorable legislative and economic environment for firms such as GreenGro to grow as the demand for the once taboo offering continues to grow at a pace that has amazed even some of the market’s most optimistic experts.

As a result, they consider this year could be a remarkable year for GreenGro when measured by its operational and financial achievements, starting with the achievement of the five major objectives outlined in this press release. They are thrilled about 2018’s potential for their shareholders and look forward to posting their progress during next earnings press release.

In an attempt to capitalize on the latest legislative guidelines, the firm has established five major milestones for 2018. The first milestone is to rapidly grow its market share of California’s rapidly growing and vast recreational cannabis market. Next milestone places a greater emphasis on the greenhouses sale through Vertical Hydrogardens.

The third milestone focuses on increasing the buildouts, funding and management of more dispensaries based on their preliminary successful models introduced last year in North Hollywood.

As a fourth objective, through Genobreeding, Greengro intends to advance tissue culture, grow systems and cloning labs, which will allow the firm to clone cannabis on an extensive scale. Last, but not the least, the company intends to reallocate its resources to better focus its time and finances on growth measures that can produce exceptional results far more efficiently as compared to the past.