Golden Leaf Holdings (OTCQB:GLDFF) Unveils New Line Of Cannabis Infused Fruit Chews

Golden Leaf Holdings (OTCQB:GLDFF) unveiled a  new edible product line of cannabis infused fruit chews  which according to sources inspires well being because it pulls along with restorative ingredients. The new product is targeted at empowering customers in a significant way. They will be in a position balance the lows and highs of life.

As part of its ingredients, the new fruit chews line has the premium cannabis oil, restorative ingredients and the real fruit and thus customers are presented with a wide range of flavors from which they can choose from.

Fundamentally, the new line is expected to present a wide array of Golden brand of products and it goes without saying that most of the customers are eager to taste the delicious edibles that are vegan-friendly, soy-free and gluten-free for non-smoking, health-conscious cannabis consumer.

The chief executive officer of Golden Leaf Holdings Chalice Farms after attending a business conference that was held recently addressed a number of news reporters. He said that as a company they were quite pleased about the fact that they had with the passage of time continued witnessing immense growth.

According to him, the population of the cannabis consumers was expanding rapidly and they would be exploring a wide range of strategies that would help them engage as well as connect with customers  who preferred the consume cannabis through non-smoking methods.

It is worth noting that over the years this company has remained dedicated to coming up with top end quality products that have natural ingredients as part of their basic make up. The company is always keen on checking out the ever changing market trends and will be looking to serve the various consumers with a variety of options as they will be making their way out through the company’s doors.

A person familiar with the latest developments has moved ahead to outline that the products by the company resonated quite well with a significant number of consumers especially those who are seeking out for the functional edibles that align to their particular lifestyle.