Glance Technologies Inc. (OTCQB:GLNNF) Launches White Label Blockchain Solution

Glance Technologies Inc. (OTCQB:GLNNF) has announced that it is pursuing options to get  licensing for its newly acquired BlockImpact cryptocurrency and Blockchain to become a white label solution

Glance technologies has an investment in Glance Pay which operates a streamlined system of payments which has revolutionized how smartphone users should choose where to do their shopping, ordering their goods and services, make payments etc.

The company’s payment model offers a protected technology which also includes the user apps in android and IOS formats. The company is also working over a reward-based Cryptocurrency that it intends to encompass in its pay app.

Reports show that over $3.7 Billion were accrued in investments in the Cryptocurrency ICO’s in the year 2017 besides other investments in the Blockchain divisions.

The increase in investments in essence is a clear indication for the existing demand for the Blockchains and the digital currency solutions.

Glance through Dinis Guarda and Alexander Perkins plans to advantage over the networks and skills brought over by its advisory board to help markets its programme for its Blockchains and Cryptocurrency.

This comes

Glance have a believe that there is a higher demand in the industry for implementation of its technological platform and has had quite a number of discussion with parties who have interest in having this technology licensed.

Alexander Perkins is one of the blockchains advisors and also a consultant at Fintech with expertise in Business development. He has previously been the vice president of Humaniq which is a blockchain company that aims to engage in banking services.

Besides, Mr. Perkins is also a partner at Ztudium which is a consultancy inn the blockchains sector and one of the strategic advisory firms.

Dinis Guarda on the other side is an entrepreneur, evangelist, influencer, CEO etc. who has been ranked among the top 4 influencers in the world in the blockchain and crypto-space.

He also founded Lifesci, a blockchain company.

Having over 20 years in business experience, Dinis has worked in various business models that are emerging as ICO’s, at Fintech, innovation blockchains etc. he has also been an advisor to the UN transportations and others.