Glance Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:GLNNF) Announces European Office in London, U.K.

Glance Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:GLNNF) company is pleased to announce that it is planning to set up a new ventilated office with its base in London thereby enabling exploration of chances that will fit its technology that is in the United Kingdom and across all the other European countries.

Glance’s base

The company is said to have a global capital base that provides the capital it uses in the commerce and innovation technology and since London is the heart of Europe’s markets it will be a great step for the company. London is currently home to Glance Coin and hosts office of key advisor to the company, this means that it has already made some inroads in the community market in London.

Glance will not only be a major supplier in the Cryptocurrency market but will also be an improvement to the world mobile payments as its popularity is rising with its users increasing on a daily basis besides mobile payment system being widely used in Britain.

Market share

After being ranked as the top most financial champion, this means that London has become the most active center where Cryptocurrencies have highly become common in the market. There is also a high number of outlets that accept Bitcoin payments in most European countries, it is also a home to most of the prominent and most of the well Blockchain conferences to be attended in the near future.

A good example of these conferences is the global exposition, which comes twice a year. Given the fact that it has a high significance to both the Fintech and the Cryptocurrency markets then it has a high chance of excelling.

During the annual general meeting the investors will be asked to vote and chose the people who they want to be the directors of the company and in turn lead them.

Also matters to be raised and discussed during the meeting include the resolutions to remove the current auditors and directors of the company since they have failed to steer the agenda of the organization. This means that the elected ones will take office once the process is over.