G-Pel International Inc (OTCMKTS:KGET) Issues Its Growth Plan For 2018

G-Pel International Inc (OTCMKTS:KGET) a development stage firm active in the California Medicinal Cannabis market, issued its growth plans for 2018. The company has extended its acquisition setup into the Cannabis Tech division with a medicinal cannabis delivery app. It has already closed meeting with a cannabis delivery blockchain application developer as many as three times that could increase the CaliPharms business setup into the cannabis tech segment.

The buzz

As per the app developer, the App was advanced to offer Cannabis and Cannabis linked offerings to legal use house users with a similar form of customer coordination as the Uber Application. The App would not actually touch the offering, but it would connect consumers to drivers and bill the consumers utilizing the block-chain internal software. Basically the system could enable consumers to pay by credit card, and subsequently have the items delivered to their house.

An internal cryptocurrency would be utilized to complete each deal. The firm would have to keep actual Government Currency within respective account to link each transaction from delivery to target place.

Bo Linton, the President of G-Pel International, expressed that they continue their meetings with prospective acquisition contenders within the Cannabis market. So far this year the company has already closed extremely promising meetings with firms to talk acquisition roll ups in the different segments including Cannabis Delivery Blockchain App, Vape Pens, Vape Cartridges, Extraction Oils and Cannabis farms within California.

Linton added that he was hesitant to issue a press releases utilizing the word “Block-chain.” However, he believes that it would be not fair to not reveal to their shareholders the business models and progress they are actively working on. The blockchain application they are working to buy has been described to the firm as a medical cannabis delivery app which utilizes the blockchain for billing uses.

Until the company sign an official deal and hire a professional in blockchain code as a CTO, he recommends shareholders use extreme caution when planning an investment into G-Pel International if that decision is dependent solely on the cryptocurrency or block-chain investment frenzy presently taking place. The company has no plans to raise funds in an ICO at this time. It would only assess the ICO at a time when the SEC determines it as a valid and SEC controlled investment.