Freedom Leaf Inc (OTCMKTS:FRLF) Gives Updates On The Green Market Europe Revenue Projections

Freedom Leaf Inc (OTCMKTS:FRLF) has today disclosed that its co-founders CEO Richard Cowan and Clifford J. Perry visited the Green Market S.L hemp cultivation operations in Spain. This is the most acquisition by this company and it hopes it will be moving quite a long way helping it improve its rankings. The first visit that Cowan made was to the flowering green houses which are at the moment run by Green Market Europe S.L.

Fundamentally Green Market Europe S.L. happens to be a b2b cultivator which has a growing area of almost 43,000 sq. ft. (4000 m2). The other one was the a light deprivation greenhouse which according to sources was associated with an area of about 21,000 sq. ft. (2000 m2) and it goes without say that much progress is being witnessed currently.

The managing director of the company Luis Miguel Santos made a statement outlining that with the passage of time they continued witnessing a rise in demand for their top-end hemp products. In the United States, the company boasts over a series of business operations and it seeks to win over quite a significant number of consumers. A person well conversant with the matter asserted that the selling of the products of the hemp products directly to consumers was by far more profitable than having to make sales through distributers or wholesalers.

The other thing worth mentioning is the fact that there will also be other top executives from Freedom Leaf attending the Spannabis Expo.

Clifford Perry has spoken in relation to the matter stating that Spannabis is indeed an outstanding place to find new opportunities as well as brush shoulders with other top executives in the Cannabis industry from around the globe.

An official working with the company while speaking to a number of news reporters ascertained that freedom leaf will soon glow to become a great international company that will lead as others follow in the diverse Mexican Cannabis industry.

From the look of things there are a lot of expectations among people following on the progress of the company. The expectations may be justified more so considering the development that has been taking place recently. However we will just have to wait and see.