Feathercoin Development Foundation Marks 100 Days Since Its Launch

Recently the Feathercoin Development Foundation published a blog post to mark 100 days since it was launched. The Foundation was established in Zug, Switzerland on March 21, 2018.

Why the foundation was formed

The Feathercoin Foundation was launched to encourage development as well as adoption of digital currencies. Additionally, the Foundation was also created to support the work being done by Peter Bushnell as well as the entire community.

In a statement during its launch, the Foundation said that it would serve an instrument to coordinate activities in the entire community efforts surrounding Feathercoin. At its launch, the Foundation employed three engineers to develop projects that operate on specific platforms.

The Foundation is mainly assisting Feathercoin through development of software. The company released a public better version of the Electrum wallet just a week after launching the FDA. The wallet was made Feathercoin’s flavor and went through a lot of texting before it was launched. This wallet is a hard fork of the bitcoin Electrum wallet.

The launch of Edge

On the 5th birthday of Feathercoin, the Foundation launched a new wallet. The wallet, which is called Edge supports Feathercoin and acts as an alternative for users to store their coins on mobile phones. The new wallet also reduces the hassle of having to keep and memorialize long list of seed words.

To use Edge, users just key in the user name and password so as to access the wallets. Feathercoin says that this wallet is simple to use and will boost the adoption of cryptocurencies. This is because it will allow more people to access cryptocurrencies.

The Foundation has announced that it has launched several other projects. These projects are under the umbrella of Featherlight Payments umbrella. The Foundation has indicated that the new projects will make easy for merchants as well as the customers they serve to easily use Feathercoin in all payments.

Additionally, Feathercoin is now compatible with BTCPay servers. The Foundation also developed a powerful and easy to use wallet called Swan. The Foundation says it is satisfied with the achievements it has made in the first 100 days.