Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:EAPH) and An AMPR Applicant Commence Negotiations Over Licensing.

Negotiations are already underway between Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:EAPH) and an AMPR applicant and the target is to obtain the Canadian Marijuana Cultivators. Over a long period of time, the company has channeled much of its efforts towards building its business Portfolio.

One point worth noting is that the agreement with  Alliance Group is a progressive one and that is considering the fact that the company is already in discussions with a third party. Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that the third party recently filed an application with Health Canada.  If all moves according to plan, it might soon be able to get growers license for the country of Canada.

It was the board director that shed light on that particular opportunity and hopefully b the next term Health Canada will be giving the company a compliance number. Easton has made a statement indicating that it will be participating in the venture.  But first of all the company will have to sign a letter of intent.

An official working with the company has disclosed that the opportunity will be coinciding with Alliance own marijuana initiative. There is great need to ensure that the Alliance Marijuana venture isn’t adversely affected in the long run. It is expected that anytime soon the Company will be moving ahead to give updates of its operations and it will be an opportunity for the various shareholders to learn of the most recent development of the company.

It was a short while back that the company appointed Mr. Luigi Gentile as its new Director. The new official has worked at start-ups and also at large multinationals such as GE Healthcare. He has gotten the opportunity to serve in different capacities over the years and that gave him the much needed experience which he would be utilizing to help the company raise a notch higher in terms of achieving business success.

He has spear headed large strategic initiatives which in turn led to bringing novel solutions to markets across Canada and much as expected from him as the company moves forward to achieve its set business goals.