Digital Arts Media Network Inc (OTCMKTS:DATI) To Focus On Expansion Of Capital Formation Programs

Digital Arts Media Network Inc (OTCMKTS:DATI) has today disclosed that it is currently in talks and that if everything moves according to plan it might soon be the owner of a huge Stake in ‘Reg CF’ Crowd Funding Portal. It is at the moment planning to do everything within its means to ensure that it expands the various capital formation programs.

It is great news for both the accredited and non-accredited investors since they will be able to make investments in the fast rising high-tech startup businesses.

Ajene Watson, who is the current CEO of Digital Arts Media Network recently spoke to a number of journalists after attending a business conference held recently and he talked deeply about the latest developments.

He disclosed that they had held a series of meetings with several companies and investors as well in the blockchain / crypto space and that was the main reason they were compelled to rethink matters in line with the FINRA approved crowd funding portal.

An official working with the company demonstrated the great need to move ahead engage in the scrutiny of the recent success of StartEngine which happens to be a fairly young accelerator and Howard Marks was one of its co-founders.

He went further to say that StartEngine will be leveraging on Regulation CF and says they learnt much in line with the recent move to acquire a stake in one of the portals. According to him, the new portal will be serving them with a framework  that will bring about huge possibilities in line with providing end-to-end services to the early-stage companies and  startups looking to forward to laying their hands on the traditional but accelerated capital formation.

Talks have been going on between the targeted company and DATI and of course they are centered on the acquisition .it is worth noting that the  crowd funding portal has witnessed a major increase of the prospective clients who want to be given financial assistance in line with developing a Regulation CF compliant offering. DATI takes the standpoint that the timing will be crucial and that is in close consideration of the fact that the company has overseen a rise of ‘new issuers’ who are determined to leverage the emerging crypto markets.