Dare Bioscience Inc (NASDAQ:DARE) Enters into Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement for Juniper Pharmaceuticals’ Intravaginal Ring (IVR) Technology Platform

Dare Bioscience Inc (NASDAQ:DARE) has announced that it has secured an exclusive worldwide license for the supply of Juniper Pharmaceuticals’ intravaginal ring technology. The agreement will also include the supply of Juniper’s three preclinical candidates. Dare Bioscience is a clinical stage women’s biopharmaceutical firm, which specializes reproductive and women’s sexual health.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Dr. Robert Langer and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Dr. William Crowley developed Juniper’s novel intravaginal ring technology in partnership with the Harvard Medical School.

In a statement, Daré’s President and Chief Executive Officer Sabrina Martucci Johnson said that there is a lot of potential in the new promising technology which already has compelling and established preclinical results as well as intellectual property which they are hopeful will help in supporting advanced drug development. He added that they are hopeful that the capabilities of the intravaginal ring platform will help in expanding the company’s ability to identify as well as met the unmet demand in women’s reproductive and sexual health.

Apart from the newly acquired platform, Daré has two additional products which are currently under development. These include OvapreneTM, the company’s lead product and non-hormonal contraceptive intravaginal ring.

The Juniper intravaginal ring technology facilitates continued and sustained delivery of drug over a given period of time. The period ranges from several weeks to several months. As opposed to other vaginal rings, the Juniper intravaginal rings deliver the drug in a solid ethylene vinyl acetate polymer matrix and does not need a reservoir or membrane to control the release or contain the active drug.

Some of the current 505(b)(2) candidates which are being developed by Juniper include JNP-0101,which is an oxybutynin ring that is used to treat overactive bladder. The company is also developing JNP-0201, which is a combination of estradiol + progesterone ring and used in hormone replacement therapy. JNP-0301 is also under development and is a natural progesterone ring used in the prevention of preterm birth. The license secured by Dare will cover all the three rings which are currently under development plus additional applications of the intravaginal ring technology platform in other therapeutic areas.