CoinMarketCap Quietly Removes BCH-Promoting From Its BTC Page

CoinMarketCap (CMC), a leading Cryptocurrency price tracking site has scrapped off the website from its Bitcoin (BTC) page. Although CMC has not issued any official communication in regards to the matter, it is believed that was removed because it is BTC’s secondary website after allegations emerged that was misleading investors into buying Bitcoin Cash (BCH) thinking they were buying Bitcoin.

According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, will still appear on CoinMarketCap as Bitcoin’s “Website 2” on May 2. CMC currently refers as the only website for Bitcoin.

The media service and the crypto wallet were launched by leading major BTC-turned-BCH-proponent and leading crypto investor Roger Ver. After Bitcoin blockchain broke off to create Bitcoin Cash in 2017, started a crypto wallet, which automatically establishes both BCH and BTC accounts with Bitcoin Cash as the default option appearing first. is still offering BCH as default and has maintained BTC as a second option. This has confused many people as they find it hard to differentiate between “Bitcoin Core”, the name of BTC’s software client.

Last month, group of pro-BTC investors launched a website to collect money for a lawsuit accusing for intentionally causing confusion among users. The group alleged that was intentionally leading users into buying BCH, thinking that they were buying BTC. However, just a few days after the group was launched, its leader came out and announced that they were unable to raise enough money for the lawsuit. They went ahead and refunded the money to the owners.

Cointelegraph has indicated that Michael Novogratz, a former Wall Street executive had commented on the ongoing battle between BTC and BCH for the ‘Bitcoin’ brand. While responding to a tweet @Bitcoin, the BCH-promoting Twitter handle, Novogratz said that BTC was the true owner of the Bitcoin brand. He termed Bitcoin core is a digital gold, a store of value and its market value is way beyond that of Bitcoincash.’s CEO has continued to market BCH as a “better currency” and “better store of value” compared to Bitcoin.