Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) Announces Analytics Tools As Latest Addition To Its Network Portfolio

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has included analytics tools into its network portfolio as part of the latest enhancement aimed at improving its intent-based services.

The new analytics tools that were recently introduced into the network portfolio include software for monitoring the relationships between applications, branch and campus Internet of things intelligence and algorithms designed to monitor the health of data centers. The new additions which were revealed at the Cisco Live EMEA further strengthen the company’s already robust Networking Portfolio which is internet-based.

The newly added analytics tools are also part of Cisco’s plan to build up a network that is capable of adapting and evolving to match the changing landscape. David Goeckeler, the general manager of the security and networking business at Cisco stated that the new analytics tools are a demonstration of the company’s endeavor in adding more agility as well as intelligent to its portfolio.

“We’re reinventing the network ground up to deliver a secure and intelligent platform for digital business. Today, we are taking another major step toward that ambitious goal with intent-based networking innovations designed to deliver contextual insights and assurance that will help transform IT from reactive to proactive,” Goeckeler commented.

Goeckeler also stated that the network is now critical to business success even more than it has ever been before. The networking equipment maker’s intent-based networking offerings highlight a major departure from the time-intensive and manual methods through which the networks were previously managed. The intent-based networks are responsible for capturing and translating business intent into network policies. They are then activated throughout the infrastructure and the addition of assurance capabilities that are designed to make sure that the network is operating optimally at any given time.

Intent-based networking is becoming more popular among customers globally. Almost 200 customers have already adopted the new assurance technologies and more than 1,100 clients are rolling out the Catalyst 9000 Series switches which were announced recently. The rollout of the new analytics tools highlights the fact that Cisco is leaning more towards software as opposed to the past where it mostly dealt with networking equipment.

Cisco stock closed Monday’s trading session at $42.85.