CBD Pharmacy Gets License To Sell Real Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:RLBD) Products

Real Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:RLBD) has announced that it has licensed the CBD Pharmacy trademark to sell its Vape Cartridges and other related hemp and Cannabis products. In a statement, the company said it was excited to licence the pharmacy trademark to Dragons for the immediate distribution and sale of the Vape Cartridges. Real Brands CEO Jerry Pearring said the partnership will help the firm to establish itself in the cannabis and hemp industry even as it explores more branded opportunities.

Real Brands expects the new partnership to generate income from royalty. The firm is also keen on adding more CBD Pharmacy branded products in this agreement. Recently, the firm acquired the trademark to sell Omega Hemp water from Alkame Holdings. The CBD Pharmacy licence follows a string of four other trademarks in Colorado and an equal number of patents in the United States.

The four licenses include; Cannabis cigarettes, Marijuana cigarettes, Cannabis Smoke Tobacco and hemp cigarettes. Additionally, the firm has acquired for utility patents covering an inhaler for cannabiniods consumption, Cannabis infused chewing composition, Cannabis smokeless tobacco and a method of making smokable cannabis product.

Real Brands sustained activity in the legal cannabis industry comes at a time when more than half of U.S states have legalized recreational marijuana consumption. The industry is estimated to be worth multiple billion dollars. Though marijuana remains a banned substance under federal laws, the firm is positioning itself well to reap from the increasing awareness from consumers.

With the legalization comes demand for hemp and marijuana.

According to various statistics, the industry is set to grow by 20% every year until 2021.The legalization movement is expected to add momentum to the fast growing marijuana industry. In December, California became the latest state to decriminalize marijuana consumption, joining a long list of other states that have done so in recent months. These include Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.

Starting this year, the states of Maine and Massachusetts might start allowing consumption of legal marijuana. In all, 29 states have partly legalized marijuana. Real Brands branding effort seeks to tap from the expected rise in demand for hemp and marijuana products to serve more customers.