American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Signs Dispension Industries Incorporated As Its Official Distributor In Canada

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Signs has announced that it has signed a deal through which Dispension Industries will become the exclusive distributor of its AGM in Canada.

The new AGM refers to American Green’s branded Verified Identity Dispenser and has allowed the company to take the secure management of regulated products to a whole new level. This includes pharmaceutical products as well as cannabis products. The first batch of these devices to arrive in Canada will be used for demonstrations in both the private and public sectors. They will also be demonstrated to key investors in Nova Scotia and Halifax.

The Verified Identity Dispensers are expected to become quite popular in the distribution of pot products especially as the legalization of Cannabis in Canada rapidly approaches. Although the North American country is embracing the concept of legal marijuana, it is also keen on the fact that these products should be distributed in a safe and secure manner. The dispensers will thus feature biometric technology that will verify registered users before providing them with the products, thus allowing for regulated access.

“To comply with pending Canadian cannabis regulations and the requirements set forth by our government there is only one system that we feel can meet and exceed their objectives, and that is the VID” stated Corey Yantha, the head of Dispension Industries.

The launch of the Verified Identity Dispensers thus highlights a marriage between the legalized marijuana industry and biometric technology. Lindel Creed, the director of Automated Machine Production at American Green stated that decision-making, especially along the lines of a nationwide distributorship, is not a small matter. He also added that he has observed a lot of successes and failures over the past three decades in the industry and according to his observation, distribution partners play a key role in the outcome.

American Green’s Chairman and President David Gwyther noted that the company is pleased with the current demand. However, one of the biggest challenges that American Green is currently facing is keeping up with the growing demand.

American Green stock closed the latest trading session at $ 0.0015.