American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Links With Partner In Canada To Distribute AGM

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) is pleased to make the announcement regarding the agreement it struck with Dispension Industries Incorporated. It was out to get it to become its exclusive Canadian distributor and it is worth noting that in the recent times American Green has been doing pretty much towards revolutionizing the secure and safe management of regulated products. Pharmaceuticals and the cannabis products are on top of the list under scope.

Business analysts have outlined that the Verified Identity Dispensers will be playing a huge role towards the overall distribution of cannabis products and it is also worth noting that pot legalization is looming in Canada. One thing that is coming out to the limelight at the moment is the fact that Canada has lately been doing pretty much in line with embracing the Green Rush.

Canada understands the real essence for establishing a safe and secure distribution its wide range of products. Reports indicate that prior to the machine access most of the registered users get verified and that is usually done by scanning their finger using top end vascular biometric technology.

The president of Dispension Industries Corey Yantha while addressing several news reporters said that VID was the only system that as a company they felt would help them meet as well as achieve their set objectives. They have been taking seriously the issue about complying with the requirements set forth by the government as well as with the pending Canadian cannabis regulations.

American Green’s Lindel Creed said that it was crucial reaching the decision to award a nationwide distributorship. He took immense pride in the fact that they had managed almost three decades in the industry and that is how he was able to see the successes and the failures as well. Usually, they are dictated by the kind of partners that are brought onboard and he affirmed that they had the right partners with them.

The company has remained confident in the market segment over a period of about ten years and it is the persistence that has gotten it to where it is today.