Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Isn’t Troubled If One Shoplifts From its Cashier-less Store, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) launched recently a cashier-less grocery store in downtown Seattle which has greatly attracted a mixture of curiosity and disbelief among the interested shoppers especially how easy it would be to steal from the store. The e-commerce giant came up with the new concept store with hopes to bring more online shoppers into contact with the significance of having an offline presence.

The new system, known as the Amazon Go, has got cameras and sensors that detect when a client walks in and when items on the shelves are technically removed. Also, there are check-in-kiosks strategically positioned at the entrance for scanning the customer’s phone for registration via Amazon Prime. According to market analysts, the concept is strange and unfamiliar to many people across the world.

The cashier-less Go store, now open to the public in downtown Seattle, allows people to walk in, and grab whatever they want and walk out, a notion that many doubt how the company would deal with the shoplifters. However, according to Dilip Kumar, the Amazon’s PR representative, the company has put in places concrete security measures against any crude attacks on their system.

Once a client enters the store, they need to register through a scanner generated by the Amazon Go app on the phone. The account is created for each individual shopper to track the physical presence of every move that they make while at the grocery store. Hence Amazon is not concerned if one tries to steal their items.

Gianna Puerini the Amazon Go vice president stated that accidental shoplifting happens rarely and that the company is confident in its system and the type of clientele it has. Shockingly, there is no feature that detects if one mistakenly takes something without paying, something that rose more interesting questions as to how robust the system is and whether it’s the convenient future of retailing.

Amazon’s new system seems to be so good that shoplifting is not an option since one has to check-in with a Prime account although the company needs to shade more light on how they are managing a business without detective mechanisms.