22nd Century Group Inc (NYSEAMERICAN:XXII) Pronounces Its FY Results.

22nd Century Group Inc (NYSEAMERICAN:XXII) has been working on a plan to make cannabinoids more affordable to its users and to achieve its goal it is considering a number of strategies. There are several changes that have been witnessed in the sector one of them being the legalization of the product. If all moves according to plan, the product might soon become a safe household name.

It was today that 22nd Century Group proceeded to unveil a major new initiative that would see it succeed on its quest to produce medically important cannabinoids in plants It will be doing quite much in supporting the initiative, one of the ways being the opening up of its own fully-outfitted molecular biology laboratories and that will be conducted in the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus in the Cleveland BioLabs building.

The new laboratories of 22nd Century will be hosting top-end cannabis/industrial hemp as well as tobacco biotechnology. The Vice President of Plant Biotechnology Paul J. Rushton made a statement outlining that has been appointed to help with streamlining the company’s research efforts at the newly established laboratories.

22nd Century enjoys takes immense pride in the fact that at the moment it enjoys exclusive rights in the U.S. to genes, something that is essential for any company that wants to move ahead with activities in line with cannabinoid production. Of course all the activities should be carried out in the cannabis plant.

The proprietary technology entails the modifications of the levels of cannabinoid in Cannabis as a result of hiding the company with outstanding competitive advantages in the burgeoning segment of the cannabis biotechnology and a lot of changes are expected in the near future.

The long and short of it is that the proprietary technology does quite much in line with serving the company with the tools that it is required in either ramping up or toning down the production as well as content of given subsets of the cannabinoids. The company sees the tobacco-based approach as the best mechanism to achieve a remarkable result in line with the production of commercial medical products.